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Making a Fringerer: Preparations

I am the laziest writer alive. I don’t even really like writing, just having written. Sometimes I read quotes from writers who say things like, “I am happiest when writing” or “I can’t not write” and I resent them for feeling that way and for their use of double negatives. But I have come to terms […]

Next Stop: Discombobulation Station

I’m on a bus. Well, half a bus. Half an imaginary bus that’s based on a real bus. You understand. You don’t? Okay. I’ve been lucky enough to join the cast of The Number 14 for its 20th Anniversary Tour. That’s right, this show has been playing all over the world in one place or […]

Sorry, Scott Baio

When I was young, well, first off, I was adorable. Let’s just get that out of the way right here and now. I was also smart, creative and confident. But I was kind of anxious. I had trouble with my stomach from this anxiety and had what I now know were some sort of minor […]