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Making a Fringerer: Change of Plans

Making a Fringerer: Change of Plans

I bet you thought I’d been buried alive under boxes in my basement, didn’t you? I bet artists on the Fringe waitlist were hoping they could have my spot, weren’t they? Well, I’m alive and mostly well and I have, in fact, tamed the basement. What? You don’t believe me? I anticipated this, and I […]

If I Had $10,000

A little while back, I received the “speaking request” below. It seemed so ridiculous to me that I posted it on Facebook for a laugh. A friend did some Googling and found out that, surprise, surprise, there is a scam behind this and that at least one person has fallen for it, agreeing to send […]

Are You Harry Potter?

Many of my Facebook friends are posting their results from the Which Harry Potter Character Are You? quiz and it reminded me of one of my favourite stories. I’m what I guess you’d call a Johnny Come Lately or a Late Adopter or an Anti-Bandwagoner or something. When other people love something, I have an […]

I Quit

When I was small, there were these scrapbooks you could buy for your child’s school years. There was a place for the photo, areas to fill in your favourite foods and teacher, best friend, things like that. And at the bottom of each page, it said, “When I grow up, I want to be…” Below […]