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How to Remember

My son, like many eleven year old boys, loves to play “army guys” and “war”. Would his interests be different had he been our son from a younger age, rather than adopted at the age of eight? Who knows. This weird boy games/girl games stuff seems to be everywhere so he may not have been […]

This Is Not About Woody Allen

I can’t talk about the Woody Allen / Dylan Farrow thing anymore. That I’m even calling it a “thing” is horrible but it’s become a thing, a thing about a famous person in the world of hypothetical instead of a very upsetting case involving a child and, as far as I’m concerned, the most horrifying […]

Hey lady, you lady

I’ve had the song I’ve Been to Paradise by Charlene in my head most of the day. Why? No idea. Now there is a strong possibility I’m overthinking the lyrics but they are really getting my goat. When the popular version of the song was released in 1982 I was 12 years old and it […]