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Making a Fringerer: Preparations

I am the laziest writer alive. I don’t even really like writing, just having written. Sometimes I read quotes from writers who say things like, “I am happiest when writing” or “I can’t not write” and I resent them for feeling that way and for their use of double negatives. But I have come to terms […]

In Praise of Steves

Our old neighbourhood had a giant, yearly garage sale. The first garage sale after the kids joined our family was spent hanging out with our neighbours, trading our junk for other people’s junk and generally loving our awesome little East Van clan. Once we’d sold off most of our stuff, we took the kids for […]

Are You Harry Potter?

Many of my Facebook friends are posting their results from the Which Harry Potter Character Are You? quiz and it reminded me of one of my favourite stories. I’m what I guess you’d call a Johnny Come Lately or a Late Adopter or an Anti-Bandwagoner or something. When other people love something, I have an […]