Raccoon in a Tree

There is a raccoon up the tree across the street. I wouldn’t have known except for the incessant screaming of the crow perched up higher in the tree. That dude was mad about that raccoon. I couldn’t tell if it was a baby raccoon or just, you know, raccoons are small, but I considered his […]

Is Roseanne My Louis CK?

I feel kind of like Roseanne is my Louis CK. Or my Bill Cosby. Or my Woody Allen. Although, Woody Allen was already my Woody Allen. But I digress. (Digressing in the very first paragraph? Get it together, Brayton! Sorry.) Roseanne was so influential for me in terms of both comedy writing and being a […]

Written in the Stars

Greetings from Edmonton! What am I doing in Edmonton when our VOKRA foster cat had kittens just over a week ago and I could be cuddling this?  I KNOW! Well, I’m here doing my show Give It Up at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  I’m lucky to be staying with my wonderful friends, the Skaret family, […]

Welcome Home, Lucy

Welcome Home, Lucy

I found this teapot at an antique store in Wenatchee, Washington and knew I had to have it. When we started filming Morgan Brayton & Other People for OutTV, some two plus years ago, I brought it to the studio to be part of the set. I wanted to have a bit integrated into the […]

Making a Fringerer: Change of Plans

Making a Fringerer: Change of Plans

I bet you thought I’d been buried alive under boxes in my basement, didn’t you? I bet artists on the Fringe waitlist were hoping they could have my spot, weren’t they? Well, I’m alive and mostly well and I have, in fact, tamed the basement. What? You don’t believe me? I anticipated this, and I […]

Zigazig Ah, Allies

I’m used to more stringent friends rolling their eyes at me for some of my politics. I get it; what I call nuanced, you call a cop out. Fair enough. Look, maybe the Spice Girls weren’t the truest expression of feminism, but I will stand behind their messages about the importance of female friendships! You […]

Making a Fringerer: Preparations

I am the laziest writer alive. I don’t even really like writing, just having written. Sometimes I read quotes from writers who say things like, “I am happiest when writing” or “I can’t not write” and I resent them for feeling that way and for their use of double negatives. But I have come to terms […]