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Zigazig Ah, Allies

I’m used to more stringent friends rolling their eyes at me for some of my politics. I get it; what I call nuanced, you call a cop out. Fair enough. Look, maybe the Spice Girls weren’t the truest expression of feminism, but I will stand behind their messages about the importance of female friendships! You may criticize people for changing their Facebook photos to rainbows or offering prayers for Orlando, but I won’t. Because every message is awareness, every image is a statement of support. I realize that we are all fighting our own struggles and I don’t pretend to know what it takes each of you to get out of bed each day, let alone fight for what I think is imperative. Maybe all you’ve got in you today is a Facebook post. Trust me, I feel you. Is it enough? Of course not. Do I acknowledge and appreciate it? I sure do. Must we all seek out more effective means of creating change? Absolutely. Can anyone decide for you what that looks like and what is expected of you? Stop right there, thank you very much. (Spice Girls callback!)

I can’t explain how destroyed I have felt these past days and how buoyed up I have been by seeing support pretty much everywhere I turn. It’s important. It means something. So, thank you to all the allies who have texted, messaged, or posted support for the GLBT community and who have expressed their love. It means a lot to me. In large numbers, small gestures have great meaning. And, sometimes, even small gestures alone are enormous. Thank you.


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