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And on the Third Day

My friend is 100. Last summer, I received a phone call from one of the staff members at her care home. He said it was the end and that I should probably come and see her pretty quick if I wanted to say goodbye. Of course, I rushed to her. She wasn’t really conscious and […]

Brevity is the Soul of–Oh, get on with it, would you?

My friend is 100 years old. When I visited her last night, she wanted to talk about Mickey Rooney dying. I started to say, “Well, he lived a good long life.” Then I realized she is 7 years older than he was when he died and thought maybe I’d shut up. She wanted me to […]

If I Had $10,000

A little while back, I received the “speaking request” below. It seemed so ridiculous to me that I posted it on Facebook for a laugh. A friend did some Googling and found out that, surprise, surprise, there is a scam behind this and that at least one person has fallen for it, agreeing to send […]