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In Praise of Steves

Our old neighbourhood had a giant, yearly garage sale. The first garage sale after the kids joined our family was spent hanging out with our neighbours, trading our junk for other people’s junk and generally loving our awesome little East Van clan. Once we’d sold off most of our stuff, we took the kids for […]

You and Me Could Write a Bad Romance

The Wife and I are hopeless romantics. By which I mean we are utterly hopeless when it comes to being romantic. We truly are. We used to be better, before kids and jobs and money stress and, well, life took over our lives. I had absolutely intended to do something big for Valentine’s Day. Then […]

This Is Not About Woody Allen

I can’t talk about the Woody Allen / Dylan Farrow thing anymore. That I’m even calling it a “thing” is horrible but it’s become a thing, a thing about a famous person in the world of hypothetical instead of a very upsetting case involving a child and, as far as I’m concerned, the most horrifying […]