Gramma Damma-isms

When she was alive, my mom used to drive me crazy by calling things by a slightly wrong name or mispronouncing certain words. Examples included Bread Basket instead of Bread Garden, guac-a-mall-ee instead of guacamole, and other enraging violations. I know, I know, it’s petty. Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think it fills me with guilt now that she’s gone? Sure, but it’s okay because my dead mother speaks to us through our son.

It started with him not being able to pronounce her name. To be fair, the kid never met her; we adopted our children after my mother died. And her name is, apparently, tricky to pronounce. At least that was the case for The Wife when we first started dating. My mother’s name is Danae and is pronounced Dan-uh, not Dane-uh, not Dan-nae. The Wife couldn’t seem to get it for some reason until I said in frustration one day, “It’s easy! It rhymes with banana!” The Wife called her Danana for weeks. Sigh…

Much in the same way The Boy refers to Lady Grandtham of Downton Abbey as Lady Grandmom, he has a bit of trouble with the person we refer to as Grandma Danae. He calls her Gramma Damma. Considering my mother’s propensity for mispronunciation or general word substitution, we found this pretty funny. But it didn’t stop there.

We have begun compiling a list of what we call Gramma Damma-isms. The list is ever-growing but here is a start…

We got an air popper so The Boy could make popcorn unsupervised. But sometimes we run out of kennels.

This is not nearly as troubling as when we run out of coffee nuts.

Not to worry, we will add it to the grocery list that we stick on the bulletin board. With tacky pins.

When our list gets long, we go shopping at Powermart. (See if you can figure that one out.)

We enjoy drinking coffee outside in the summer too. You know, when you can sit out on a pantry.

In the summer we also go visit relatives in the States. First we have to cross the boardwalk.

On the way we listen to lots of music including one of our son’s favourite bands, The Adventure. Or as it is more commonly known, Journey.

Did that child just say boardwalk?

Did that child just say boardwalk? Good heavens.


6 comments on “Gramma Damma-isms

  1. i can’t figure out Powermart. Stupidstore?

    I love Gramma Damma.

  2. These are awesome! Especially enjoy coffee nuts and The Adventure!! Is powermart walmart?

  3. I maybe a long lost reletive because I am one of those people who rename things and unfortunately as I age it is getting worse:o)

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