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Same Time Next Week?

I have a volunteer job reading to seniors. I’ve been away for months because of the theatrical tour I was on and just went back tonight. It was so great to be back!

Started reading them The Dal Richards Story. Learned about the Kitsilano Boys Band and that Jimmy Pattison (former KBB member along with Bill Millerd and Dallas Richards) plays the trumpet.

Visited with my friend who is 99 but thinks living to 100 is bunk if all you get is a letter from the Queen and promised to make her cupcakes if she makes it.

But the best was the following exchange…

Me: Well, Henry, I’m really happy to see you again. I’ll be here again next Tuesday at 6:30 and I hope you’ll come to the reading group.
Henry: Well…
Me: What, you got a better offer? You got a hot date next Tuesday?
Henry: No, no hot dates…I have two broken hips so…
Me: (after recovering from laughing so hard I slapped the table) That’s going to put a bit of a cramp in your dating life, my friend. I guess I’ll see you Tuesday.


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