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My Chosen Family

Tonight I had the great honour of being the featured entertainment at the Adoptive Families Association of BC AGM and Awards event. I wore a pair of Spanx and felt great. Oh, and also, people liked my talk, so that felt good too. Some of the talk came from previous blog posts so you can […]

Someone’s in the kitchen with — Oh oh…okay…oh no!

Tonight a friend posted pictures of his Yorkshire Puddings on Facebook. It made me smile because I remembered how my mother would start an oven fire EVERY DAMN TIME she made these. Then she would panic and forget what you were supposed to throw on such a fire to extinguish it. Once she guessed flour. […]

Just Checking

When your kid yells that it’s not fair that you can swear but she can’t, the correct response is to scream, “TOO FUCKING BAD, I’M AN ADULT!” Right?