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Happy Sisterversary

It was one year ago today that I took a deep breath and hit send. “My name is Morgan Brayton and I am searching for a woman who is my sibling by birth. The person I am looking for was born in December 1965 in Victoria, BC and was adopted. My research has led me […]

My Boring Valentine

Text from the Wife today: Will you be my Valentine? The Girl rolled her eyes. The Boy (confused): But you’re wifes! Me: Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we can’t be Valentines. The Boy (confused and inexplicably angry): Why did she do that?! Me: She was being romantic. The Girl: Oh, yeah, Mom’s real romantic. […]

This is Your Brain on Being 13

We spent twenty minutes arguing about what happened to the milk tonight after our daughter made macaroni and cheese. She had no idea. I finally found it. Nope, she’s not on drugs, she’s just got that whole frontal lobe issue going on. I didn’t even bother discussing this one with her. “Okay, but how did…what […]

Congratulations [Employee Name Here Except if Adopting]!

On Friday, a notice came home from our son’s Grade 3 teacher. It read (in part), “I have also enclosed a class list. If your child chooses to hand out Valentine cards I am asking that everyone receives one and no one is left out.” When I asked our son if he wanted to hand […]

Oprah Broke My Car (Or Why Maybe It’s Okay That Everything is Falling Apart)

I’ve been experiencing a bunch of technology issues lately. So many in the past couple of weeks that I am pretty sure there is some kind of message in it. Yes, I am the kind of person who looks for messages in mechanical malfunctions. You got a problem with that? First my car battery died […]