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Silver Lining

Plus side to having a kid with ADHD? He followed the cat out of the room halfway through my explanation of what a female condom is. Advertisements

She is Me

Yesterday, our daughter said something and my wife turned to me, a look of shock and, well, I’m going to go ahead and say horror, on her face, and whispered, “She’s you!” It’s true. Daily she is picking up the way I talk, starting to share my mannerisms and generally turning into a younger version […]

How Vegetarians Put Their Kids to Bed

Him: What if a snake got in our house and tried to bite me?! Me: Then I would grab that snake…and gently tie it in a bow and take it to a wildlife sanctuary where it would live out the rest of it’s days happy and well cared for.

Sorry, Scott Baio

When I was young, well, first off, I was adorable. Let’s just get that out of the way right here and now. I was also smart, creative and confident. But I was kind of anxious. I had trouble with my stomach from this anxiety and had what I now know were some sort of minor […]